12 Paleo Brunch Ideas for Your Next Party

12 paleo brunch ideas (whole30, AIP) via Foodbymars

One of my favorite things to do? ENTERTAIN! Putting love into my food is one of my favorite ways to celebrate with loved ones, and throwing a brunch party is a great way to do it! Whether it’s paleo potluck style or me whipping up a batch of waffles, big ol’ crudité board, extra large coffee pot, and an awesome frittata – it’s THE BEST. I also always encourage people who feel that FOMO from eating out because of dietary restrictions or allergies, to just MAKE IT AT HOME. Recruit help if it’s overwhelming and try it. That’s why I’m sharing 12 Paleo Brunch Ideas today – especially with the spring and summer holidays coming up, all to inspire you to have more fun in the kitchen.

12 paleo brunch ideas (whole30, AIP) via Foodbymars

My tips to throw an epic Brunch:

  • Have tea bags ready and displayed.
  • Brew a big pot of coffee and keep it warm (if you don’t have a large coffee pot like me, I love these – they stay warm ALL DAY LONG)
  • Get water on the table, or you might forget to offer it.
  • Set the table before guests arrive.
  • Start baking ahead, you can make baked goods the day/night before or a couple of days beforehand so it’s in the bag (i.e. carrot cake, muffins, etc.) – and you won’t have a mixer/flour mess on your hands to clean that morning.
  • For things like waffles – have that done before guests arrive. It can get overwhelming to keep track of it when people are there, you can make them a couple of hours before and store them in the lowest setting of your oven to keep warm. Keep them on a drying rack over a baking sheet so they don’t get soggy.
  • You can toss salads together (without the dressing) beforehand too, and just store in the fridge! Keep any soggy ingredients separate from your greens.
  • While eggs/frittatas can be made ahead, I feel they’re best fresh, so I usually leave that for last to pull out of the oven as guests arrive.
  • If serving alcohol, let them do it themselves! Have a mimosa bar with orange juice and champagne with glasses so people can mix it up themselves and get mingling. Mocktails are also fun with fresh fruit juice and sparkling water!

Smoked Salmon Dip & Spring Crudité Board

Can’t have a brunch without a bright, seasonal crudité board. It’s just a no brainer and is SO easy! Having a delicious dip to go with it is all you need to really prepare besides a little chopping and arranging.

Smoked Salmon Dip & Spring Crudité Board (Paleo, Dairy-free, Whole30)>>


Smoked Salmon Dip & Spring Crudité Board via Food by Mars


Tortilla Española

A way fancier frittata IMO – with or without peppers, with regular or sweet poatoes, and any other veggies you love – make this your own. Your guests will love it!

Tortilla Española with Sweet Red Peppers (Spanish Omelette) (Whole30, Paleo-friendly)>>

tortilla espanola (whole30) via Foodbymars


Paleo Coffee Cake

This AIP Paleo coffee cake is something everyone can love, not too much sugar but full of spice. Pairs perfectly with coffee or tea and is a great dessert addition to your brunch!

Paleo Coffee Cake (AIP, Vegan)>>

AIP coffee cake via Food by Mars


Deviled Eggs (2-ways)

Perhaps the most classic brunch appetizer ever? I have two recipe ideas for you!

Classic Deviled Eggs (paleo, gluten-free)>>

Cabbage Pickled Deviled Eggs>>

Paleo Bagels

A platter full of bagels is a great canvas for sandwiches and smears of all kinds! This easy, egg-free recipe is a must-have!

Paleo Everything Bagels (Egg-free, Vegan)>>

Paleo Everything Bagels (vegan, egg-free) via Food by Mars


Tuna Nicoise Salad

We need to get those greens on the table! A big old salad is a great way to do it with a simple vinaigrette everyone can enjoy.

Tuna Nicoise Salad (Whole30, Paleo-, AIP-friendly)>>

Ahi Tuna Nicoise Salad (Whole30, Paleo-, AIP-friendly) via Food by Mars

Salmon Salad Tartines

More appetizer ideas! Whipping up a simple salmon salad and topping your favorite crackers, potato rounds, etc. is a simple and elegant way to greet your guests and have friends mingling around with small plates.

Salmon Salad Tartines (Mayo-free, Paleo, AIP-friendly, Whole30-friendly)>>

Salmon Salad Tartines (Mayo-free, Paleo, AIP-friendly, Whole30-friendly)

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Paleo Waffle Brunch

Here’s an epic waffle brunch I threw for a bunch of friends!! More tips and recipes included with an epic sweet and savory platter for everyone to customize their own waffle.

Paleo Waffle Brunch>>

Paleo Waffle Brunch via Food by Mars with Kite Hill


Paleo Carrot Walnut Loaf Cake

Yes, this is a major spring dish, but I honestly make it any time of year because it’s THAT GOOD and there are always carrots around! You can’t disappoint with this delish classic cake.

Paleo Carrot Walnut Loaf Cake (gluten-free, refined sugar-free)

Paleo Carrot Walnut Loaf Cake via Food by Mars


Blueberry Muffins (plus my All-purpose Paleo Flour Blend)

A basket of muffins, anyone? You guys, I’d be crazy not to share this all-purpose paleo flour blend with you! I’m sure you all have baked goods you miss making and have trouble replicating to be grain-free. It’s a challenge! Luckily there are paleo blends out there on the market now, but I still love my home blend the best! It’s a great way to re-create old faves. I also have a flourless muffin recipe you can sub the almond butter for cashew, and the pumpkin for applesauce or sweet potato pureé as well to make it your own.

All-Purpose Paleo Flour Blend with Tree Nut Free Option with a Classic Blueberry Muffin Recipe >>

all purpose paleo flour and blueberry muffins via Food by Mars

Looking for more Paleo Breakfast Recipes or Healthy Brunch Ideas?

Look no farther than my Recipe Index for all the goods >>

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Hope you enjoy!
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