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The 411 on Staying Hydrated & 3 Spa Water Flavors

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

Yeah, yeah, drink water…

It seems like the simplest thing, the most commonly thrown out advice, yet so many of us still forget to stay hydrated! Why? The stories I normally hear are, “too busy and lose track of time”, “don’t have time to pee” (yes, that’s real)… and “water is boring!!”. Well, maybe a gentle reminder on WHY staying hydrated is actually so key for our bodies to perform optimally will help inspire us to make it a priority! So I’m sharing everything you need to know about staying hydrated & 3 spa water flavors. When my clients get enough water, they start to see major changes after only a few days. Better sleep, clearer skin, more energy, reduced cravings, you name it. Here’s why…

Water helps transport nutrients all around your body. That’s right, so if you’re eating well but not getting enough water… there are cells out there that might not be getting all those great nutrients you’re bringing in at a timely manner, slowing things down majorly.

Water improves oxygen delivery to cells and enables cellular hydration. We need life breathed into our very busy cells to carry out its functions! When we are dehydrated, we are literally drying up.

Water regulates body temperature. Run cold? or hot? It’s even beyond that! Each function taking place in our bodies need a certain temperature to happen in. Hydration supports that.

Water helps cushion your joints and bones and absorbs shock. So by getting enough, you’re helping with joint pain and recovery. Ever wonder why if you fall or walk into a door… your organs aren’t bruised? WATER! Our body parts are floating around in 60-80% water which is what we are made up of. This is why this is such a crucial nutrient for us and why we can’t go for long without it.

Water removes waste and flushes toxins. We use water through all excretions like sweat, urine, (you get the picture) and need to replenish it daily to keep up with it. Every time a toxin enters your body, it needs to be filtered out and guys, we are exposed to a TON of toxins all the time. Environmental, as well as from our foods.

And overall, water helps support your body’s natural healing process. ‘Nuff said!

Speaking of excreting water, a big part of hydration is making sure we’re not actually getting rid of it all. Enter: ELECTROLYTES! No, not Gatorade! Naturally occurring electrolytes help us hold onto enough water for use and we’ll use the rest for detox – yay! Coconut water is packed with electrolytes from all the magnesium, sodium, and potassium. You can also get some in vitamin C so squeezing that lemon or lime in your water is a game changer!

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

Are you dehydrated?

Here are the early symptoms of dehydration:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Cravings
  • Cramps
  • Headaches

Here are the advanced symptoms of dehydration:

  • Heartburn
  • Joint Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Constipation
  • Colitis

How much water is enough?

Half your body weight in ounces. PLUS, an additional 1.5 cups for every caffeinated beverage or diuretic (coffee/tea/matcha). Squeeze some lemon or toss in a coconut water here and there for the electrolytes.

Do yourself a favor, and calculate that right now – then find a really nice water bottle that you know you can easily calculate how many of those bottles you need a day to get it in. I bought a nice big BKR one, and know I need to fill it around 2.5 times a day. So now I have the time to get up to refill it! That doesn’t take much time at all.

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When to drink water?

Of course whenever you’re thirsty, however, it’s best to drink the bulk of your water IN BETWEEN MEALS. This is because if we are chugging all our water during mealtime, we can impair digestion. You see, your digestive system needs to be ACIDIC in order to break down your food, well if you spray a ton of water all over that acid… you’re “putting out the fire” as they say in Ayurveda. So keep water drinking while feeding to only as you need it, do not choke of course! When you’re steadily drinking water in between meals, you’re rejuvenating yourself all day long! Try it… you’ll love it.

What about filters?!

It’s true that the water on our planet is not exactly what it used to be. Water used to be mineral rich and naturally filtered because it trickled down rocks, grabbing the minerals from them and filtering out the gunk… we’d take it and do whatever extra cleaning we wanted but for the most part it was good to go. That was legit mineral water (no need to add to it!). However now we have water flowing through old dirty pipes, no matter what source they’re from… many of these pipes are contaminated and our water is exposed to flushed pills and medicine, sketchy bacteria, you name it. I’ll leave it at that. We don’t want to drink that. Many people get parasites from just water, just from their tap… no fancy travel required.

GET A FILTER. Here’s the thing, many filters do the bare minimum. But we don’t, so why should our filters?! I’m recommending my two favorites in a SAVE and SPLURGE type situation. Both will actually filter out the biggies that the other guys miss, like Fluoride and Chlorine (terrible for the Thyroid especially, my fellow Hashi’s!). Also consider a filter on your shower, since when taking a nice hot shower, you’re breathing in all that steam and the water is going all over your skin and being absorbed.

I’m sure by now everyone’s gotten the gist of plastic water bottles not being safe for us nor for the environment. In a pinch, it happens sometimes, but ultimately, it’s not something we want to be our regular day to day habit. So by grabbing a nice glass or stainless steel lined water bottle (or a BPA-free one if you want), that’s reusable, you’re ACING it.

But, water is STILL boring…

Really?! I didn’t shake things up with all the knowledge I just dropped on you? Okay, fine… haters gonna hate, but that’s okay because I GOT YOU. Spa waters are my answer. They’re pretty, they’re tasty, and NOT BORING AT ALL. Here are my favorite mixes, but that’s on you to get more creative to make sure you find YOUR favorites!


Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

Add slices of English cucumber and organic sprigs of mint to your pitcher and let sit before serving.

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars


Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

Slice organic strawberries and oranges, squeeze the ends of your oranges into the spa water and enjoy.

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars


Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

Bring some fresh ginger to a low boil and pour at the bottom of your spa water pitcher or glass, fill the rest with filtered water, a squeeze of lemon juice and fresh lemon slices.

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars

*Half it with a little sparkling water and crushed ice to get extra fancy!

And a good old fashioned squeeze of lemon in your water never disappoints… unless you hate lemon, in which case it might disappoint you.

Switch it up, guys! Have fun with it and LOVE YOUR BODY through hydration. XO

-Alison Marras
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  1. Thank you for sharing, Alison. I learned so much through your post….I knew it was a good idea to have filters at home but I didn’t know the effects that fluoride and chlorine could have on your body nor that this same water we drink is basically depleted from what our bodies need…I will be taking this advice from now on. Thanks again

    • You’re so welcome, Dinah. I’m happy to hear this helped you! It really can be challenging, but when we understand why it’s so important, it’s easier to make these decisions. XO