You want to feel lighter and show up fully present and energized in your life.

But, the struggle to figure it all out and stay consistent is real…


Looking to change your diet to increase energy, deal with food sensitivities, help your chronic digestive issues (hello, bloat), hormonal imbalances, and/or Autoimmune Disease?


It can be so exciting when we realize just how powerful holistic healing can be, but equally daunting to navigate changing your lifestyle, especially when you don’t feel your best.


Cooking or dining with others can be a big source of stress… picky eaters, food sensitivities, and side-eye for going gluten-free, OH MY!


Then there’s the time-consuming meal prep, or the boredom with ingredients, missing your old favorites, or the ever-looming question… “What do I eat?” ...constantly. It’s probably got you thinking… “When did feeding myself and my loved ones become such a burden?”


Alas, when you eat well, you feel well… so you’re ready to rock this as a lifestyle, for real, consistently. You’re determined to take control in the kitchen with holistic nutrition and make it look easy.


Well, buckle up, because that’s why I’m here!

Welcome to Food by Mars!

I'm Alison.

I'm a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Passionate Home Chef, and I believe healing your body with real food can be a stress-free lifestyle, filled with joy and flavor.

WHAT others are saying


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"Alison is a gem of a human being - so knowledgeable, so approachable, no judgment, so confident in her process....perfect mix of nutritional expert + emotional intelligence."


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"The results have been incredible. I have so much more confidence in making food choices and so much less anxiety around food. It's one of the most important investments I've made into myself."


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"Alison truly invests her time and personalizes the experience specifically to you. This is what makes her coaching unique and unlike anything else."


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Imagine knowing what foods nourish your body, support healthy digestion, give you lasting energy, and taste amazing to fuel your healing journey…


Imagine feeling confident with simple meal prepping, planning, and cooking whether it’s a throw-together under 30-minute dish everyone in the house loves and eats with you… or a fun baking project in your free time that doesn’t just get old and dusty on a Pinterest board.


Imagine not stressing about your meals… enjoying or simply not worrying about cooking… while giving your body the nourishment it deserves so you can show up and feel like yourself again. All while enjoying delicious food you can brag about.


This is more than possible for you, it’s what you deserve. Ready for some peace of mind?


When you become a member of the Food by Mars community, you'll be empowered to take control of your health in the kitchen with confidence and ease.


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I’ve been there. Here's why I’m so passionate about what I do…

I thought it was just my normal that I dealt with chronic health conditions for as long as I can remember. Healthy fad diets and intense cardio classes only left me more exhausted when I should have been in the prime of my newly married life. Instead of getting better, my symptoms worsened. My body was crying out for help, yet I felt it was betraying me.


Though doctors had dismissed me for years, I was fed up and ready to take action. After being diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Disease by a Naturopath, I finally had more clarity and knew that nutrition was a major key in my healing journey. After much education, practice, and experience... I went from fumbling around in the kitchen to a confident home chef and holistic nutrition professional. I put my illness into remission, had a healthy pregnancy and baby girl (which I thought wouldn’t be possible for me), and found myself again and in new ways.


I’ve learned healing isn’t linear. It’s messy. It can be beautiful, delicious, transformative...and not another never-ending to-do list you have no time and energy for. I’m so happy you’re here, it’s my pleasure to share, educate, and inspire you on your journey.


Join me!

WHAT others are saying


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"Today I am the thinnest I've ever been, my period is regulating, my latest thyroid ultrasound showed that my nodules have shrunk from what they were last year, I wake up early and start my day about 3 hours earlier than I used to and I feel like I have a whole new and improved life ahead of me. I'm beyond grateful that I invested the time and care into myself with Alison's support and guidance."


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"Food fear, yo-yo dieting, and the hormonal acne issues I've had since I was a teen -- no longer are issues for me. I can't believe how transformative working with Alison has been and am forever grateful. And I finally found food freedom."


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"Learning how to properly nourish my body, listen to my hunger/satiation cues, how to better manage stress and prioritize self-care and love as well as really dig deep and get to the root of my emotional or binge eating habits have all been so invaluable to me. Also, the recipes are delicious!"


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Oh Hey! I’d love to connect with you.


No, really… because I made this community for you.


Use #foodbymars and tag me @foodbymars so I can see your recipe creations and share (food pics are my love language)!


Join my free, private Facebook group for women on their healing journeys (sorry, fellahs!)


And, feel free to shoot me a note anytime below… I’d love to hear how you’re doing.

xo, Alison

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My Stats


I'm a Taurus and ISFJ . . . a total type A work hard, play hard gal who's learned the beauty in slowing down!


My only real fear is being attacked by a clown. Also, sharks. Oh and add bears to the list after a recent hiking debacle.


I love to paint! Oils, acrylics, you name it . . . and have many of my paintings on my walls.


Times I push the snooze button each morning




Trips to wholefoods


A healthy outside starts from the inside.


i believe

Getting in tune with your own body is the greatest way to heal

my happy places

In my kitchen, behind the camera, on my yoga mat, holding a paint brush, under the sun

i'm here to

Inspire others to take control of their health in their kitchens

My Credentials

Interested in starting your own Nutrition Education?

Read more about my experiences.

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, 2018

Nutritional Therapy Association (Affiliated with NANP)

Certified Yoga Instructor, 2019

Three Sisters Yoga

Holistic Health Coach, 2016

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I hope you’ll read along, try some recipes and tips to apply to your own journey while having fun along the way!!


Thanks for visiting.

xo, Alison