Flourless Pumpkin Muffins (Paleo, Refined Sugar-free)

What’s Inside: You know what rhymes with Fall? Pumpkin! Not really, but they’re basically synonymous these days. And nothing screams Fall like these flourless pumpkin muffins. They’re Paleo and refined sugar-free. These muffins are easy to make and delicious! 

Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)

Pumpkin Season Means It’s Time for Pumpkin Muffins

Let the PUMPKIN games begin!! I’m fully embracing the pumpkin spice everything and am in love with these delicious, simple Flourless Pumpkin Muffins you can make in a *snap*.

Plus, they’re freezer-friendly so you can make a big batch and have them all season long with an easy reheat sesh in your toaster oven (not the microwave, unless you like your pumpkin muffins soggy, in which case we can’t be friends). Feel free to make this recipe your own, add more nuts, dried fruit, or chocolate chips (like I did in a second batch pictured further down this post).

However you eat them, I hope you enjoy every bite!

Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)

Really? Pumpkin Muffins with No Flour at All?

Yup! The exciting part about these muffins isn’t what’s in them; it’s what’s not in them. There is absolutely no trace of flour in these muffins — not even almond flour or coconut flour!

There’s no oil, butter, dairy, or refined sugar, either. Almond butter (my favorite is Georgia Grinders. Use code ‘FOODBYMARS’ for 25% off), eggs, and pumpkin puree come together to magically create fluffy flourless muffins. They’re light, chewy, and moist. Trust me, you won’t miss the flour!

BONUS TIP — Skip the messy cleanup and mix these bad boys in your blender! Just follow these three east steps:

  1. Add the pumpkin puree, almond butter, maple syrup or honey, eggs, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, vanilla, and pumpkin spice to the canister of a high-speed blender.
  2. Blend on high speed until smooth and incorporated, approx. 1 minute.
  3. Fold in any additional ingredients, like chocolate chips, by hand with a spatula.


Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)

These Muffins Are Totally Customizable

One of my favorite aspects of this flourless pumpkin muffin recipe — other than than they’re Paleo and refined sugar-free — is that they can be customized with your favorite spices and add-ins without compromising the integrity of the muffin itself. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Chocolate chips
  • Nuts and seeds, like pecans or walnuts in addition to the pumpkin seeds
  • Dried fruit
  • A drizzle of honey or maple syrup and a sprinkle of cinnamon before serving

If  you can’t decide on adding anything extra, just make half of a batch with the add-ins and half without, like I did with dark chocolate chocolate chips. YUM! They were so good in every which way. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)

Flourless Pumpkin Muffins Recipe (Paleo, refined sugar-free)

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Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)
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Flourless Pumpkin Muffins (paleo, refined sugar-free)

Paleo Flourless Pumpkin Muffins coming right up! These simple, nutritious, and delicious babies will satisfy your pumpkin spice cravings.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Resting Time10 mins
Total Time30 mins
Cuisine: American
Keyword: dessert, muffins, paleo, pumpkin, pumpkin spice
Servings: 12 muffins


  • 3/4 cup pumpkin purée
  • 1 cup creamy almond butter (My favorite is Georgia Grinders. Use code 'FOODBYMARS' for 25% off!)
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup or honey
  • 2 large eggs (pasture-raised preferably)
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Homemade Pumpkin Spice

Optional Toppings/Add-ins


  • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and line a 12-cup muffin liner or 24 minis. (I ran out of liners, so I simply greased with a little coconut oil and they came out easily after resting for a few minutes)
  • Mix all ingredients together and combine well until you have a smooth batter. Taste and adjust any spices or sweetener as needed (I use as little sweetener as possible, so if you like it sweeter. Taste to confirm). See steps in post for how to make in the blender.
  • *If making the choco-chip version, fold in the chips with a spatula by hand at the end.
  • Evenly distribute the batter in your muffin pan and optionally sprinkle a few pumpkin seeds and some more cinnamon to the top (as shown). Place in the middle rack in the center of your oven and bake for approx. 20 minutes.
  • Let the muffins rest and cool on a rack for 10 mins or so. Serve immediately, or store in the fridge or freezer and re-heat later. Enjoy!


My favorite nut butter is Georgia Grinders. Use code 'FOODBYMARS' for 25% off!

Flourless Pumpkin Muffins via Food by Mars (Paleo, Refined sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free)

More Pumpkin Recipes To Try

If you’re celebrating pumpkin season … have a look at my other pumpkin favorites to add to your list!


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  • Kabri Lehrman SchmidMarch 11, 2019 - 7:14 pm

    These were great! Perfect with for my efforts to avoid gluten and dairy. Not only did my boys (5 and 3) love them, but my “go team gluten!” wife did, too. If I wanted to switch up the flavor profile, do you think banana would work as a partial replacement or addition to the pumpkin? I know it’s a pain to answer a comment that departs from your recipe – your thoughts are appreciated!ReplyCancel

    • Alison MarrasMarch 12, 2019 - 12:07 am

      LOVE hearing that!! yay! I definitely think there’s a lot of room for changing up the flavors with this basic template, banana should be an easy swap. I’ve also done applesauce, and I want to try sweet potato puree!ReplyCancel

      • Kabri Lehrman-SchmidMarch 15, 2019 - 2:46 pm

        Oh man, sweet potato sounds so great – thanks!ReplyCancel

  • JulieDecember 8, 2019 - 9:52 pm

    Would sunbuttwr be a good substitute for nut free? ReplyCancel

    • Alison MarrasDecember 10, 2019 - 1:15 am

      You could try a seed butter like sunflower!ReplyCancel

  • LauraDecember 19, 2019 - 4:04 pm

    Delish! I subbed three packets of stevia for the maple syrup. Came out great. Thanks!ReplyCancel

    • Alison MarrasDecember 21, 2019 - 12:40 am

      awesome, so happy you liked it!ReplyCancel

  • […] 7. Paleo Pumpkin Muffins […]ReplyCancel

  • StephanieOctober 22, 2020 - 12:32 am

    Does this work for pumpkin bread too?ReplyCancel

    • Alison MarrasOctober 23, 2020 - 1:58 pm

      I’ve never tried it, Stephanie but it’s certainly worth a shot! I wouldn’t expect too much of a rise, maybe use a brownie type pan.ReplyCancel

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