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3-minute AIP English Muffin (paleo, vegan, gelatin-free)

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What’s Inside: Missing bread on AIP? Try an easy microwavable AIP English Muffin that takes just 3-minutes and 7 simple, AIP-compliant ingredients. The result is a crisp exterior and chewy middle, perfect for slicing up and topping with your favorite shmear.

AIP English Muffin with coconut yogurt and strawberry jam

3-minute AIP English Muffin

AIP Baking can be a major buzzkill – yeah I said it. Not being able to use eggs or certain flours can certainly present a challenge. Well, I was up for it this time around because I had some amazing summer jams in my possession and couldn’t think straight until I had an English muffin to top it with. Sometimes you just need some kind of bread when you’re on AIP!

This paleo AIP English Muffin takes just 3 (or so) minutes to make in the microwave and needs only 7-ingredients.


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Note: Everyone’s microwave is different, so I suggest using it on HIGH and setting the timer to 3 minutes and checking 30 seconds ahead of time to see how it’s doing! Alternatively, you might need 3-4 minutes if your microwave isn’t as powerful.

The result is a crispy, chewy muffin – perfect for topping off with a little fresh jam, ghee (AIP reintroduction), or some coconut yogurt (as a cream cheese replacer)!

Wait, are microwaves healthy?

As it turns out, using a microwave isn’t any more harmful than other cooking methods, and foods cooked in a microwave may actually retain more nutrients and contain fewer carcinogens than other common forms of cooking. As long as the microwave oven isn’t damaged, there’s truly no scientific reason to fear or avoid microwaves. (source)

AIP English Muffin with coconut yogurt and strawberry jam

If you don’t own a microwave or would prefer to try the oven, one of my readers below tested it out at 350f degrees for 30 minutes and had a great result! I still prefer the microwave for the texture, however.

AIP egg replacer in the English Muffins

Since eggs and other traditional Paleo egg replacers like flax meal or chia seeds aren’t AIP-friendly, I tried applesauce! Gelatin eggs seem to be a go-to for AIP baking, but I’m not quite smitten. The reason I made these without “gelatin eggs”, is because…

  • I a) don’t have the best luck with them – while I follow the directions, I’m just rarely impressed with the turnout.
  • And b) They smell mega funky in the microwave especially… I’ll take my English Muffins funk-less, thank you very much!!

Using coconut milk and applesauce really did the trick, making this a vegan English muffin while we are at it – #allthefrees.

Ingredients needed for an AIP English Muffin

Dry Ingredients:

Wet Ingredients:

As for equipment, I recommend a small 3 or 4-inch ramekin for the perfect shape and size! This is the one I use.

AIP English Muffin with coconut yogurt and strawberry jam

Toppings for your English Muffin

My favorite AIP-friendly topping shown in these photos is none other than unsweetened coconut yogurt and my homemade strawberry jam that’s easy and lightly sweet.

Here are some more shmear ideas:

  • Avocado to make it “avocado toast” (maybe add a little wild smoked salmon, too!)
  • Toasted coconut butter
  • Coconut yogurt (additive-free and unsweetened), I like the brands: Cocojune, CoYo, Culina, and Anita’s
  • Homemade strawberry jam
  • Almond butter and honey with cinnamon (AIP reintro)
  • Ghee (AIP reintro)
  • Grass-fed Butter (AIP reintro)
  • Homemade raspberry chia jam (AIP reintro)

I’d love to hear what you put on yours below!

More AIP Breakfast Recipes

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Tip: I always recommend starting savory for breakfast (meaning to have a low-sugar breakfast), for optimal energy levels, more balanced blood sugar, and better digestion. Serving this alongside some great protein, topped with fat would be a lovely complement to your breakfast routine here and there!

AIP English Muffin with coconut yogurt and strawberry jam

Video: Watch How To Make The Recipe


AIP English Muffin with coconut yogurt and strawberry jam

AIP English Muffin (paleo, vegan, gelatin-free)

4.03 from 179 votes
3-minutes and 7-ingredients until you have an allergen-friendly, crispy and chewy English muffin ready to go!
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 3 minutes
Total Time: 8 minutes
Yield: 1 person


Dry Ingredients

Wet Ingredients


  • Mix all dry ingredients with a whisk in a small mixing bowl, then add each wet ingredient and stir everything until well combined.
  • Spoon the mixture into a small ramekin, and press down lightly so it's all evenly filled in.
  • Microwave* on high for approx. 3 minutes until the center is cooked. (read notes below)
  • Let stand and cool for 2 minutes or so before cutting through the center with a serrated knife. Serve with any topping you’d like! Optionally store in the fridge for a few days as well.


*Every microwave is different, some run high, hotter, or faster. Make any adjustments as needed or check it around 2 minutes and 30 seconds or mid-way to see what works best! You may need to cook for 4-minutes if your microwave is older/weaker.
As noted by a reader below in the comments, you can bake these in the oven using ramekins or muffin tins:
Bake at 350f degrees for 30 minutes – a reader tested this out and reported back that it comes out perfectly!
Diet: American
Keywords: AIP, english muffin
Course: Breakfast, Snack
-Alison Marras
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  1. This recipe saved my sanity! I can never get it quite right (but still eat it) in the microwave so today tried in the oven for 30min. Perfection! And now I can make 6 at a time 🙂 thank you

  2. Excited to try this, but I have a general coconut milk question first: how do I get two tbsp from a can of separated coconut milk? Do I have to heat it all up to mix it first? Thanks! Really loving going through your recipes and planning for my AIP journey starting soon.

    • I like to throw everything in the can in a blender and blend for a minute or so, then get the measurements from the mixed milk. Hope it helps and enjoy!

  3. Do you know if it’d work to sub coconut milk for all or at least 1/2 of the coconut oil? or might there be any other sub for it, like (additional) applesauce or pumpkin purée?

  4. Wow, these are amazing!! I don’t usually leave reviews, but these are absolutely delicious! Such a quick and easy recipe for those WFH mornings.

    I paired it with a quick stovetop blueberry jam, with frozen blueberries, honey, orange zest and lemon juice.

    I want to make another and scarf it down. It tastes so buttery and yummy!

    Also to note: I replaced the applesauce with a flax egg to get in more fibre. YUM. I found my English muffin was pretty poofy and spongy, amazing!

  5. I LOVE this English muffin. It is the best AIP recipe I’ve tried. I was out of coconut milk and didn’t realize this until I had everything else assembled. I used the same amount of water as a substitute. It worked really well and tastes great. Thank you!!

    • Thanks so much for the kind review, Sharon!! I’m stoked you love it and that’s amazing news about water working out well – thanks for sharing that hot tip.

  6. Sooo easy to whip up and so delicious! I haven’t had an English muffin in years, and this totally hit the spot! I was a bit weirded out by the applesauce addition since I wanted a savory bread not sweet, but to my surprise you cannot taste it at all. The English muffin actually tasted buttery (another item I haven’t had in a long time). Thanks for the awesome recipe!!

  7. LOVE this recipe! So chewy and the perfect flavor.

    I’m coming back to it on the SIBO Bi-Phasic Diet (restricted phase) where I can’t do the applesauce (but I *can* do eggs again)… any ideas on how to adjust this recipe to use egg instead of the applesauce/coconut milk combo? Thank you!

  8. These are AMAZING! Super easy to make, they smell and taste just like an English muffin, except maybe even better, and that says alot. Made this two days in a row. I doubled the recipe and cooked in a slightly larger bowl because I wanted a bigger muffin. Perfect!

    • I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it – I agree, I think it smells and tastes so good. I had it as “avocado toast” this weekend!

  9. These were easy to make with simple ingredients I already had on hand. They tasted great, and the texture was awesome. Thanks!

  10. This looks SOO yummy! I have a bit of an intolerance to coconut, so hoping to sub for another flour that’s AIP friendly. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking arrowroot or maybe tigernut?

  11. So easy & SO DELICIOUS! English Muffins were my FAV before going AIP so I was ECSTATIC about finding this recipe!! I make little breakfast sandwiches with these!! They remind me of being a kid & eating Sausage McMuffins with my parents!! Except these are 10000x more delicious AND nutritious! Lol! Such a good recipe!! If you are AIP & you loveeee bread, this recipe is a MUST TRY!

    • Lizbeth!! this is music to my ears, so happy you love it and yesss it totally reminds me of mcmuffins 😂😂😂

  12. This was so yummy and satisfying for AIP it nearly brought tears to my eyes! After I cut it in half I grilled them on my skillet for a little toastiness. I ate it with sausage on top and some eggs which I’ve reintroduced and it was like a delicious sausage biscuit- the slight sweetness it has went so well with the sausage.Thank you! 

  13. 4 minutes seems like an awfully long time to microwave something so small.  I think my microwave will disintegrate it after so much time, but I’ll give it a try

  14. What size is small ramekin? Made in 4 oz and were quite thick. Cooked for only 3 mins on high. Tasted very good and they were done all the way through. Just wondering if 6 oz is better muffin size? Thank you

  15. Hello! Thank you for an amazing recipe! My first one I made in a ramekin that was too large and not enough coconut milk. I had the same issue as someone previously… charcoaled muffin. I used a 4oz ramekin and the muffin came out perfect! I put it in for 3 minutes, checked it, 30 seconds then check and the final 30 seconds made it perfect. My second one I put in for 4 mins straight through and it didn’t cook as evenly. I think it needs that rest time after 3 mins then finish out for another minute.  I love that it tasted buttery but no dairy! I’m definitely making more!! Thank you!

      • I don’t know what I did wrong. I followed the recipe exactly as written and this was a soggy, gelatinous mess. Have you had that experience? Maybe just a bad first time?

        • I’ve not had that issue, perhaps check all the expiration dates on your ingredients and play with the microwave times

  16. Wow, I’m impressed. It had a really nice bread-y texture in the outside, even crispy, and soft in the middle but not gooey. I used a 4oz ramekin and only put in in the microwave on high for 2.5 minutes. I may try slightly longer next time just to see what happens. After I let it cool I cut it in half, then halfways horizontally, which gave me 4 pieces. I tried it dipped in garlic olive oil, salted palm oil spread and then with no added sugar raspberry jam. It was amaaaazing to feel the texture of something bread-y in my mouth after so long not having it! It was also very filling and satiating. I can see it would be delicious with cucumber, smoked salmon and capers, or topped with whipped coconut cream and fresh strawberries. Could definitely go savory or sweet. Many Thanks for this recipe!!

    • I’m so happy to hear this, Anna – thanks for sharing your experience and your delicious ideas. I’m craving it now just because of your post! xo 

  17. Yummm. Thank you! I didn’t think anything like this was possible on an AIP elimination diet. I ate it with nothing on top and it was still good! Very satisfying.

  18. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This was AMAZING and exactly what I needed to help me stay AIP!! So quick and easy! 

  19. What a keeper of a recipe! These are delightful! My son wanted one after he tasted mine! So in 5 min, his was ready! ❤️ I made my applesauce fresh just before adding to the muffin and it tasted like a beautiful apple bread. I will try banana next as one person suggested. I look forward to making more of these plus some of your other recipes soon!!  You have great taste as this is the best AIP bread or muffin I have made yet and I have tried many! 🙂

  20. Stodgy, gloopy mess. Mega disappointed as struggling with aip and could really do with an easy, quick bread option

  21. I’m so sorry, I tried to make this recipe from 8 am until noon today.  In the oven they came out either mushy in the middle or like hockey pucks, in the microwave they came out black and smoking at first, then after four more attempts at adjusting the cook time they were not fully done.  In none of the experiments did they let go of the ramekin or muffin tin, even when I coated it with coconut oil..  I did them one at a time, since the recipe seems to be only for one muffin.  There was no chewy and crispy.  It was so frustrating, because the flavor is really appealing…. sweeter than normal english muffins (I made them with applesauce).  What’s the SECRET?  I feel like such a failure at baking!

    • Aww, Naomi, you’re not a failure, baking is very nuanced and there’s so many factors. I’ve had MANY failed baking attempts, but luckily this recipe seems to work most of the time with most who try it. I’m sorry it’s not working out for you, it’s honestly hard to troubleshoot. I always double-check the date on all ingredients and sometimes it’s just a matter of the microwave or oven temps varying. When all else fails, try a slice of toasted sweet potato!

  22. Yum! I microwaved mine for 2.5 minutes and then sliced it open and briefly toasted it. I put coconut butter and jam on it.

  23. I love these! After a few successful attempts in the microwave, I tried baking them. 350 for 30 minutes turns out perfectly! I made 8 

  24. These are delicious and I will definitely be making them again. They stuck to the ramekin, though. So, a bit of oil in the bottom is a good idea. 

  25. How do you suggest I cook this if I don’t have a microwave? Is the dough thick enough to pan fry it, or throw it in the oven?

    • Hi! I think some other commenters tried oven but I haven’t successfully, so it would be trial and error!

  26. Absolutely amazing recipe!! I used mashed banana – 2 tbl spoons instead of applesauce! Turned out delicious – my daughter loves them with butter! Great alternative to a bread roll!

  27. Just a word of warning – I tried to make these yesterday and almost burned my house down! Followed recipe to the letter and placed in the microwave.  I know the wattage on my microwave is high, so I decided to put it in for 3 minutes instead of the suggested 4.  About two minutes in I heard cracking and sizzling and then smoke started billowing out of the microwave!  Within a minute, the entire bottom floor of our house had filled with smoke.  We had to air the house out the entire day and when we finally opened the microwave, we found the remains of a completely charged english muffin.  Our house still smells, but I’m thankful that’s the only consequence of this experience.  Be careful!  Start with a lower time and work your way up from there! 

    • This exact same thing happened to me! I don’t know if it’s the ramekin size or the wattage or what. I’m too scared to try again. Took forever for the house to smell normal again and then microwave will never smell right again.

    • Thanks, Sarah… I haven’t had that issue with my microwave but definitely should be aware of it as with any appliance!

  28. Do you have an option to use this recipe to make a loaf of bread in the oven? The flavor is fantastic, but it keeps burning the bottom, would love to make a large recipe and bake it!

  29. We LOVE these as an addition to breakfast or used as a whole meal topped with a protein or smear of fruit jam. Definitely a go-to in our home ❤️ 

  30. They taste amazing!  However, mine rise up on the sides and are paper thin in the middle.  Is there a way to prevent that?  They are flat going into the microwave.

    • hmm it might be the ramekin or you could try pausing in the middle, shaking it up a bit and continuing to cook… microwaves are so finicky

  31. Is this supposed to stick to the bottom of the ramekin?  Would I cook it a little less time?  I think I would also put some parchment on the bottom.

  32. I just tried these for the first time and I cannot wait to make this another one of my go-tos for breakfast! I made one that came out a little well done, but reduced the time to 3:30 and it came out perfection! Thank you so much for this recipe!! 

    • I actually posted this yesterday — I was wanting to make these but need an answer to purchase the ramekins……  I see you approved my post today, but no answer yet 🙁  Please, someone, or moderator, please let me know

  33. I tried these in the oven, per your comment suggesting 325 for 10 minutes and they were still completely soggy at that point. They’ve been in the oven for like half an hour more since then, and I’m really anxious to figure out how to adapt the recipe for the oven!  Any other suggestions?  Thank you!  These have great flavor, can’t wait to make them in the oven. 

    • Oh no, sad to hear it wasn’t working for you! Perhaps trying at a higher temperature (sometimes ovens are finicky and different). Truthfully, they turn out best in the microwave from what I experience but I’d much rather use an oven as well for health reasons.

  34. I know it’s a couple years since you posted this recipe, but wanted you to know I think you saved my life…well at least it feels like it. Struggling to find easy AIP things to eat and almost gave up. Enter your muffins to the rescue. Thank you

    • AWW, Denise, that’s so sweet and you’re so welcome. I’m so happy you have been loving my AIP English muffins and recipes – I know the struggle so I’m happy I could help. XO

      • All of a sudden muffins are coming out tasting bitter? Haven’t changed anything. Not sure what’s happening. Any suggestions? 

  35. I hate asking for substitutions and I usually never do…but I have celiac disease and just found out I’m also sensitive to chicken eggs/coconut/amond and so much more. I’m dying to figure out a bread type thing to eat with some duck eggs. I have cassava flour and love it, but any ideas for a coconut flour sub? I know, I know…coconut flour is one of a kind. Man!

    • I’m also sensitive to coconut, eggs, and such…having a coconut sensitivity makes aip that much more challenging! 

    • Hey Cori! I am also sensitive to eggs. How are duck eggs different from chicken eggs as far as allergy/sensitivity goes? I thought all bird eggs were similar so avoid them all.

      • I can’t answer the science question about eggs but you should google it.  My daughter and I use duck eggs and goose eggs when we can get them.   Both have larger holes and are richer.   I don’t bake with them often but enjoy them as eggs.   I did bake a challah today with a goose egg and chia egg and it was superb. Duck eggs seem to be 1.5 chicken eggs and goose eggs can be 2 to 4.  Mine was 3.  I highly suggest giving them a try if you can find them. 

  36. It’s always exciting to see another AIP blogger, and your recipes look both beautiful and delicious! Are you familiar with the AIP Recipe Roundtable? It’s a weekly event, where bloggers share links to AIP-friendly recipes. I would love it if you joined us. You just click the blue button at the bottom of the post to add your recipe, and readers will be directed back to your blog to read it: http://www.phoenixhelix.com/2017/09/20/paleo-aip-recipe-roundtable-186/

    • Hi Eileen! I’m a huge fan of your blog, thank you for sending me this link – I will definitely post some recipes <3

  37. Have you tried baking these instead of using the microwave, I’d love to make more than one at a time. Especially if they can keep in the fridge for a few days.

    • I’d recommend baking at 325 degrees for 10 minutes and watching it until it’s not moist in the middle anymore.

  38. This was so good I almost made a second one right away. ???? Since every microwave is different I suggest working up to 4 minutes gradually, mine was good and on the verge of too long at 3:25. New favourite for sure! Thanks Alison!

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