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Thanksgiving Side Round-up & What I’m thankful for…

I love Thanksgiving, love Turkey, spending the day cooking and seeing everyone… it’s the best. One of my favorite things about a Thanksgiving table has to be the sides… they’re like the sparkly accessories with your little black dress. I just love them. I’ve been making some of my own and seeing some crazy delicious ones around the food bloggingsphere that I had to compile a list of my favorites! So get your stretchy pants on and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

From me:

From allover:

I’m merely a few months into this blog and it’s been so much fun and I’m learning a lot along the way! So among being thankful for things that in no way should be skimmed over such as: health, my loving family and amazing friends… this blog has recently brought about a whole slew of new things to be grateful for! To name a few: being able to create and share something I really love, hearing people’s response to it, when someone snaps a photo of making one of my recipes and loving it, AND… meeting some amazing people along the way. Other food bloggers, health-conscious food lovers, and some great companies sharing that same love (special thanks to social media… for bringing these peeps my way). I’m super grateful for all of it!

A special shout out to…

The FoodStand – this non-profit organization is made in NYC and founded by some amazing individuals. They’ve built this incredible app and moreover are creating a very special community of people who love food and want to see it done properly! Farmers, Sustainable Organizations, Chefs and Cooks, Bloggers and Foodies alike! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them in person as well as the larger FoodStand group and was so comforted to meet a group of down-to-earth foodies with the same goal of eating and living well and furthermore helping others do the same. I’m so excited to see where they go, truly commend their vision and purpose, and am happy to be a part of the FoodStand community.

Fork and Beans – Cara at Fork and Beans blog is one of the sweetest people… well, ever. Someone I definitely look up to. Her blog is also one of the most creative and drool-worthy, and get this, all her recipes are designed for people with special allergies or food sensitivities such as: gluten, dairy, candida, yeast, etc. I also am now a proud owner of her cookbook, (name and link here) and have already used her all-purpose Gluten-free flour blend which is my absolute favorite so far. Whether you’re gluten-free or not… this blend will knock your socks off. It’s much healthier than the average AP flour. I’ve also referenced her blog to create my own blends, and because of it, she’s probably saved me countless oven explosions… she is such a good teacher!

Julia from Liz and Jewels – Yes, of course the blog is amazing and one that definitely inspires me, but the reason I’m shouting the very talented miss Julia out is because I had the opportunity to do a 1 on 1 food photography workshop with her a couple of months ago. I learned SO much in those few hours we spent together and my photos have been so much better off since she’s pointed me in the right direction. Her advice, hands-on help and feedback has made a huge difference and on top of it all, she’s a sweetheart and we had a lot of fun together!


Hope you enjoy!
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-Alison Marras
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