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Coconut Matcha Latte (vegan, dairy-free)

I’m sitting here in what can only be described as a snowy tundra. Yes, Jonas lived up to everything they warned us about on the news… over 2 feet of snow!! East coasters say whatttttt! I got quite a nice workout shoveling with my husband over the past couple of days and coming inside to a hot drink is basically the best thing ever in the winter.

I’m figuring out that matcha lattes sedate me quite nicely when I’m stressed or tired or have icicles melting in my hair apparently. I love them with almond milk, I get them all the time at nearby cafes and they even put the little heart on top <3 But coconut milk…


It froths up so nicely and tastes like magic. So I make them with coconut milk at home 🙂 You’ve gotta try it, it’s one of those simple pleasures that everyone needs to experience. The overall ceremonial treatment of making it to the actual drinking it is just lovely. Have you tried? I use Panatea brand because I really love the high quality and taste. You can also buy the whole set from them so you have all the tools!

Matcha has numerous health benefits and is a perfect habit to pick up this new year. To name a few of those benefits: It naturally detoxifies the body, it’s high in antioxidants and boosts tranquility, memory and concentration while still increasing energy levels (low amount of caffeine that lasts longer than your average cup of coffee or black tea). Matcha and green tea also helps support a healthy immune system and metabolism which can help burn calories. Why thank you, MATCHA.

Green tea in general has a lot of these properties, but what makes matcha different is how it’s grown, it’s form and how it’s made. Whole leaf green tea is a wonderful drink and I always keep bags on hand, however, consuming it in the powdered matcha form is ideal because it’s actually a lot more nutrient-dense. Besides the health benefits, I really enjoy the taste much more as well because it’s less bitter and has a sweeter taste. Plus… look at that color <33333


serves 1-2

  • 1 scoop ceremonial grade matcha powder (I use this brand)
  • 1/4 cup hot water
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk


  1. If you have an electric frothier, get the milk started now. If you’re doing it by hand, get it ready and set aside.
  2. Heat water (it doesn’t need to boil, that could actually burn the tea if it’s too hot), have it ready.
  3. Scoop the matcha powder out into a medium sized bowl and use a bamboo whisk or a regular whisk will do the trick to break the powder up so there are no clumps.
  4. Next, pour the hot water over the powder and use the whisk to vigorously in “M” and “W” shapes by hand. Make sure the powder has dissolved completely for a smooth tea.
  5. Pour the green tea into the serving mug or mugs (I split this into two as shown but you could pick a larger mug and serve for 1).
  6. Time to froth the milk by hand if doing so separately. Once ready, pour the thick coconut milk over top and if you’re skilled try to make a heart… if you’re not like me, just try not to spill it 🙂 Voila… sip this slowly and enjoy!

-Alison Marras
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  1. WOW! What a healthy and delicious recipe!!! I made it for my husband and me today. It is easy and effortless to make!!

  2. This recipe turned out wonderfully – so warming and delicious. Definitely a keeper and one to try over and over again.

  3. Coconut and matcha are such a wonderful flavour combination, it reminds me a little bit of pandan. Gorgeous as a latte.

  4. Well, we don’t get 2 feet of snow around here, but it is plenty cold enough to enjoy this latte’. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. I hear ya about that shoveling – whenever I have lots to shovel, I try to cheer myself up by thinking what a fantastic workout it is lol! So nice to come inside to a hot beverage as s treat afterwards! This healthy latte is the perfect thing – and so simple with just three ingredients!

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