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Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites

What’s Inside: My Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites for quick, flavorful cooking.

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Thrive Market Pantry Favorites on Whole30 via Food by MarsI’m always looking for ways to save money, but not at the compromise of skipping out on my favorite and trusted brands, so when I’m stocking my pantry with goodies… I go to Thrive Market, which is an online organic shop, which makes healthier eating so much more accessible. And since I’m kicking off a Whole30 REAL SOON, I’m setting myself up for success and sharing my shopping list with you in this Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites List. If you’re not signed up with Thrive (there is a membership), you can do that here. Read more below for why I love shopping here!

I used to always order on Amazon for the best deal until I got on Thrive Market a couple of years ago – ever since I’ve been able to find even better deals (more often than not – compare prices if you don’t believe me!). In fact, Thrive makes it easy to see how much you save. My lifetime savings is $958.12 right now, people. THAT’S NOT TOO SHABBY AT ALL. Anyway, cost savings isn’t even the best part about Thrive. It’s the quality of their products, both the lines they carry as well as their own homegrown Thrive Market line, which tends to be discounted, and so many of the items are a favorite in the Mars house! So when I’m helping my clients with tips on where to find the goods while saving money, Thrive Market is always a top recommendation. It’s currently $50/year membership and that’s it… watch the money you save by stocking your pantries (they also have home cleaning, beauty, and more – this is where I buy my laundry soap, dish soap, etc.)… all without having to lug it around at the store. Back to the quality products… they’re all organized and tagged by “Values” such as, Paleo, Whole30 Approved, Certified Organic, Certified Kosher, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Vegan, so on and so forth! This makes shopping a whole lot easier when you have certain standards and it makes it easy to discover new products easily.

Now before I explain this epic list, be sure to download some awesome Whole30 Recipes & Resources (including a Freezer + Pantry Checklist) right here.


Cooking Fats

Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

Let’s talk about COOKING FATS. These are the main ones you can always find in my kitchen, and here is how I love to use them:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – I mainly use this RAW in salads, but also use it for low/medium heat, around 320f degrees. It’s best to not use it in high heat because the oil oxidizes and ruins it… and when this healthful, delicious oil is as expensive as it is… it’s best to not ruin it and conserve it for the most nutrient-dense cooking possible.

Ghee (clarified butter) – I love to use ghee when cooking eggs (scrambled or sunny-side), sautéing veggies, cauliflower rice, etc. It’s also great for high heat cooking (485f degree smoke point) and is very flavorful. I also eat it raw, on top of potatoes and other veggies of course!

Virgin Coconut Oil – Coconut is saturated fat (anything that turns solid at room temperature is)… and therefore, great for medium heat, it can withstand higher temperatures without oxidizing and still remaining beneficial, around 350f degrees. I melt this, smother raw veggies in it, toss it and then ROAST, BABY ROAST! Make sure it’s virgin, or unrefined.

Pure Tallow – Yup, it’s animal fat, it’s lard. It’s DELICIOUS hahaha… tallow is from beef, you can also find pork lard or duck fat (a personal fave for baked “fries”). If you’re doing anything that resembles frying or high heat oven/stovetop cooking and you’re not into the taste of coconut oil… give this a whirl. Each animal cooking fat has its own taste, you can even mix and match with coconut oil or ghee if you’d like to change the flavor a bit. This is also a saturated fat and holds up very well to high heat. The smoke point is around 420f degrees.

I occasionally use avocado oil as well, virgin-raw is best (similar to olive oil).

Sauces & MarinadesThrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

Kettle & Fire Bone Broth – I often use bone broth while cooking, it’s great to make a sauce with, use as a soup base or in a sauté. Since this is shelf-stable, it’s easy to have on hand in place of stock and is packed with nutrients, amino acids, and gut-healing collagen & gelatin.

Rao’s Homemade Marinara – Having delicious marinara sauce on deck for some zoodles is such an easy meal. I’ll spread this over some homemade meatballs and be in heaven in no time. There’s no junk in this amazing sauce, and as someone who never cared much for tomatoes or marinara, this stuff has my heart. I also usually have tomato paste and diced tomatoes on hand to make my own or use in sautés.

Yai’s Thai Curry – There are a few flavors of this, but my favorite is the green coconut because it’s mild in spice and makes such an amazing dish! I love making some crispy chicken thighs and then baking it with some of this sauce overtop and adding in some carrots and potatoes for a full-on meal. The lemongrass in this one is life-changing!!

The New Primal Marinade & Cooking Sauce FAVE alert. We use this marinade for steaks, bison, and pork mainly. Let your meat sit in this for at least an hour or overnight and get ready for a flavor-packed feast. Easy-peasy, and totally clean ingredients– sacrificing none of the flavor.

Thrive Market Coconut Aminos – This is such a staple, I love using this in veggie stir-fry dishes and anything I want to add more of an Asian flavor to. This is the best soy sauce replacement ever and it’s derived from coconut! No wheat, gluten, or soy to worry about – but you still get a deep, rich flavor. You can also try out Red Boat’s Fish Sauce with this!

Dressings, Seasonings, Mayo
Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – Get fancy and make your salt WORK for you by upgrading to a mineral-rich pink sea salt. This stuff will get you to chef-status.

Primal Kitchen Mayo – LOVE the stuff, it’s based with avocado oil and eggs, and is delicious on a lettuce wrap.

Primal Kitchen Salad Dressing – I’m usually a pretty simple girl (or Basic lol) when it comes to salad dressings, I just defaulted to olive oil and vinegar forever after being so let down by the crappy salad dressings packed with sugar, gluten, dairy, and unknowns. That changed when Primal Kitchen came into my life! Their dressings are delicious and can really jazz up a salad. I love the Greek, Vegan Ranch, and Green Goddess… but there are so many to choose from and they’re all awesome.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar –  This makes a great dressing of course, and can be added to your morning warm water to help kickoff digestion or taken before meals to help break down your food as well.

Thrive Market Balsamic Vinegar – Back to being basic… but barely. Balsamic vinegar is great on salad (duh), but I do cook with it sometimes as well!! How about a balsamic chicken?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – AGAIN! Love this stuff raw, and mixed to make homemade dressings.

Simply Organic Seasonings – My favorite is their Adobo seasoning. I grew up using Goya Adobo ON EVERYTHING. But after questioning their ingredients, that had to be tossed out (saddest day ever) but only because I replaced it with this stuff. It goes on meat, veggies, you name it.

Milk & Creamer

Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

Well, this one should be easy!

Nutpods – My favorite for coffee, tea, and can also be used in homemade salad dressings or sauces while you’re at it! It’s so THICK and froths up easily with a hand-held mixer.

Organic Coconut Milk – Many of these canned coconut milk have various gums, sugar, or BPA-filled lining, but you can find plenty without all of that. Thrive has their brand and so does Native Forest and Thai. Mix this with a little water, shake and toss it in the fridge for easy coconut milk, use it in smoothies and cooking.

Snacks, Toppers, & Protein

Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

When you’re starving or on the go… you better be prepped!

Almond Butter – Always have this on hand! My favorite is dipping raw carrots in here, if that sounds strange, you clearly haven’t tried it yet and SHOULD. It’s also great to make a sauce or dressing with, same goes for Sunflower Seed Butter (check out my pad thai recipe here), and Tahini of course!

Bare Bones Bone Broth – Another shelf-stable option to have on hand! I love this when I’m tired in the afternoon or need a pick-me-up.

Safe Catch Tuna – Safecatch tests each piece of fish for mercury, to make sure it’s the lowest – and that’s pretty awesome! The taste is also fabulous. Grab a can or snack pack which is super convenient to toss some protein into your dish or travel with for a smart snack to keep you energized. Try my Tuna Nicoise Salad recipe!

Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds (pepitas) – I basically use these as “croutons” on my salad! The crunch and salty taste is perfect and adds some more healthy fats and color to any dish.


Thrive Market Whole30 Pantry Favorites (save money with Thrive Market Delivery!) via Food by Mars

I love using these Whole30-safe flours to thicken or coat pan-seared chicken with:

Almond Flour & Arrowroot Powder

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Thrive Market Pantry Favorites on Whole30 via Food by MarsThose are my main pantry staples and favorites to make Whole30 and healthy living in general, much more approachable, affordable and convenient. This way, the bulk of your in-person shopping can be focused on picking out fresh foods and getting back to enjoying cooking and living! Hope you found this helpful!

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-Alison Marras
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