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10 Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings

What’s Inside: 10 ways to curb sugar cravings holistically (without losing your mind)!

10 ways to curb sugar cravings via Food by MarsWe’ve all heard this before: “All in moderation”. But let’s be real, sometimes that line of moderation gets blurry when you’re bombarded by holiday cookies, Instagram food porn, events, Harry & David baskets, work holiday parties and whatever else is hitting you right now! It’s lovely to enjoy some treats and indulge mindfully, but too much and it can have you feeling like you were hit by a bus… and then the aftermath of cravings that ensue keeps you in that never-ending cycle. Let’s throw a wrench in that, shall we? I’ve got 10 ways to curb sugar cravings that you will LOVE and I employ regularly.

How can you nip the sugar cravings in the bud without going cray?

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10 ways to curb sugar cravings via Food by Mars10 Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings, without going crazy (+that will work long-term)

⁣1.  Get that sugar off your tastebuds. Brush your teeth after each meal. Now look, your dentist has been telling you this for a long time and not only is it great for your teeth and blah blah blah ???? but scraping your tongue and brushing your teeth gets the sweets off the tongue. They like to linger there, keeping sugar on your mind, it’s a very primal response to keep getting more since sugar is a quick fuel and you’ll need to replenish soon. However, the tongue doesn’t know you have other food available and don’t need to lean on that as a fuel, it was just an indulgence.

So, reset and get minty fresh (have a travel toothbrush in your purse if you’re going out) and it’ll likely deter you from unnecessary snacking that ensues when we are fighting a sugar dragon.⁣

2. Crowd it out. Get those sweet veggies on your plate to crowd out the refined sugary treats in your normal meals. I’m talking the smart starches like sweet potatoes, potatoes, winter squash, carrots… ⁣This will give you some of the sweet taste from a whole food source, plus all the wonderful nutrients that go along with it.

Low sugar fruits like berries can be great, too! Filed under: foods that curb sugar cravings. Check out my easy spaghetti squash recipe here.

3. Check your protein and fat intake! Getting enough? Make sure they’re at each meal, both help curb sugar cravings and keep you satiated longer.⁣ Be sure you are eating enough and lasting to your next meal. If you need to snack… protein and fat to the rescue!

Planning your meals and getting some prep done will set you up for the ultimate success to make sure you’re not left stranded to make less than optimal decisions. Need some help? Check out my 6-week meal plan and meal prep guide filled with anti-inflammatory, time-saving, done-for-you plans that will support your health (snacks included) and set you up for more balance.

Spa Water and Staying Hydrated via Food by Mars
4. Hydration is so key! Keep chugging water in between meals and it will change your life. Hydration is so important for our health, and will definitely keep you detoxing and moving that sugar along. Not to mention, it will curb unnecessary cravings that may make you think you’re hungry when you’re actually dehydrated.⁣ Read more about the basics of staying hydrated with some delish spa water recipes here.

5. It’s not just food, use self-care. Replace late-night snacking with a kick-butt Night time routine. Facial? Bath? Curling up with a nice book and some herbal tea? Yes, please. And remember to get plenty of sleep to regenerate and support your adrenals.

Often times when we go for the sugar, it’s because we really need comfort… I encourage you to find that comfort in other ways beyond food if you’re not actually hungry.

start savory via Food by Mars
6.  Start Savory! Protein and fat-rich meals with lower carb veggies to start the day, preventing a sugar spike.⁣ Need some help with this? Try taking my 5-day challenge here.

7. Slow down at meals. Take a few deep breaths and slow down, enjoy what’s in front of you, be present. Learn more about Mindful Eating which supports digestion here.

Movement, 1 out of 10 ways to curb sugar cravings (via Foodbymars)8. Get Moving. Firstly, to use the sugar you ate and secondly, to get your feelings out of your body into action (plus, detox). I’m not talking about a crazy cardio session as punishment… rather any joyful movement you would love to do.

Take a jog or walk outside, breathe in some fresh air while you’re at it! Try some yoga at home or in a studio, lift some weights, heck… pump up the tunes and DANCE. Whatever you like.

9. Daily Gratitude. This might sound far-fetched, how could practicing gratitude have anything to do with sugar? Gratitude changes your thought patterns and improves your health. It’s a very beneficial habit to get into.

I love my 5-minute journal for this, but you could also use any plain journal or app on your phone.

10. Breathe. Meditation and breathing are also extremely powerful for transforming your health. Try this: 4, 7, 8 breathing once a day.

It’s especially helpful if you find yourself raiding the fridge in a frenzy, it will slow you down, and give you some peace of mind to make the optimal decision for you at the moment.

I hope these tips are helpful to you! It’s completely normal to crave sugar after holidays, stress, events, and more. And it’s OKAY! That’s life… if you want to strive for balance, have your cake and eat it too… be okay with that and own your decisions 100%. But then, have the tools to even yourself out and find your personal balance. I help my clients with this every single day! If you could use direction and accountability with this and so much more, learn more about my 1:1 services here.

And, I’d love to hear from you below! Have you tried any of these tips or do you have other ideas to help manage sugar cravings? Let me know in the comments.

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-Alison Marras
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