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Creamy Cashew Chia Pudding from Amie w/ Hemp-Pistachio Granola (vegan, gluten-free & grain-free)


You GUYSSSSS! Tomorrow, my dear friend, Amie Valpone from thehealthyapple.com is releasing her new cookbook: Eating Clean: The 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset Your Body. And I’m so happy to have gotten my hands on it early so I can share this amazing recipe with you.

First though… THIS. BOOK.

Amie’s love and passion for clean eating paired with finding and ridding our lives of toxins for optimal health shines through and is contagious. She shares her story, gives advice and tips on self healing and of course – has a ton of gorgeous and delicious recipes.

Learning more about Amie’s amazing story of how she has healed herself and made a complete turnaround from chronic, life-threatening illnesses that plagued her youth to now being a vibrant, healthy, successful young woman is beyond inspiring. Her approach on sharing the lessons she’s learned through all of this is truly valuable and a story everyone should hear.

The ’21-day detox plan’ is probably not what you’re thinking it is. This isn’t a new fad diet or a way to look good in a bikini this summer! This is a gradual plan, with each week eliminating different types of toxins (both food-related, environmental, and more) for a holistic approach to cleansing and rebuilding yourself. It’s a true eye-opener.


Now… THE. RECIPES. I’ve dogeared so many pages and have been working my way through some favorites over the past couple of weeks. Right now, I’m completely obsessed with Amie’s Breakfast Chia Pudding made with sweet dates, creamy cashews and chewy chia seeds! It’s a naturally sweet way to get a nutritious breakfast that’s super easy to make and prep for the whole work week.

It’ s a great way to switch up your BDB (boring desk breakfast) – and it’s so versatile, you can change the toppings each time for a new twist. I’ve paired it with my earthy hemp and pistachio granola which is also so easy to make. It adds a salty-sweet component to the meal which will have you licking the bowl clean!

YUP. Seeds on Seeds on Nuts on Nuts. Hello protein, healthy fats and Omega-3’s first thing in the morning! And whipping this up on a Sunday night so you’re prepped for 4 breakfasts during the week is going to make you feel so smart and organized.

Who has it more together than you right now? GOSH.


serves 4

  • 1⁄4 cup chia seeds
  • 1 1⁄2 cups water
  • 2⁄3 cup raw cashews
  • 6 large dates, pitted, soaked in water overnight, and drained
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1⁄2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • Pinch sea salt

OPTIONAL TOPPINGS: 1 cup fresh berries, chopped pineapple, or sliced bananas2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder or ground cinnamon

or my Hemp-Pistachio Granola! (as shown): combine 2 tsp olive oil, 1/2 cup hemp seeds, 1/4 cup raw, medium ground pistachios (pulse in food processor lightly until medium ground) and lemon zest from 1 lemon in a bowl and mix until distributed well. Spread the mixture out on a parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 350f degrees for approx. 10 minutes until lightly toasted – watch carefully so it doesn’t burn.


  1. In a small bowl, combine the chia seeds and water; set aside until the mixture forms a gel, about 20 minutes.
  2. Combine the cashews, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, salt, and half of the chia gel in a high-speed blender. Puree until smooth. 
  3. Transfer the pureed mixture to a medium bowl and stir in the remaining chia gel.
  4. Serve immediately, topped with one or more of the optional toppings, if desired, or store in the refrigerator until ready to serve.


Hope you enjoy!
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-Alison Marras
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing about my book! I’m so grateful for your support love. Big hugs chica and can’t wait to see you soon!

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