Roasted Maduros (Sweet Plantains)

These Oven-Roasted Sweet Plantains (aka Maduros) are super simple to make and the perfect balance of savory and sweet.

"I have never tried making roasted plantains before and I’m so excited to discover this recipe so I can try them. Yum!"


– Ripe plantains – Coconut oil – Sea salt to taste


Cut plantains in half lengthwise, remove skin and then cut into oblong chunks.


Lightly toss slices of very ripe plantain with coconut oil with a little sea salt and cover in a roasting pan with tin foil.


Cook low on 320 F degrees for approximately 20 minutes. Then, remove the cover (the plantains will be a little puffy and very soft).


Crank up the heat to 420 F degrees for 15 minutes or so, watch them and they’re done when you’re happy with the color! I like mine dark!


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