Join the only all-in-one-place
membership designed for busy
women who are ready to:

  • heal their bodies
    (without the stress)

  • eat delicious meals
    (the whole family enjoys)

  • turn it into a lifestyle
    (that lasts)

What if nourishing your body happened effortlessly without so much thought or stress so you’re not on-again-off-again?

You’d get results
and feel free.

Does any of this sound familar?

You already know you need to start eating healthy again.

You’re ready to learn how to eat for your unique body and how to
actually maintain your healthy lifestyle beyond another 21 day detox
that just gets you right back where you started.

You’re ready to stop fighting constant food cravings, feeling hungry
all the time no matter what you do, and obsessing over draining
symptoms like bloat, weight gain, and exhaustion.

You’re wishing you could stop dreading making your shopping list
each week while navigating what the whole house will eat, too?

It’s time: Find your people, Normalize
your healthy lifestyle, and Stop bringing
coolers to socially distant parties.

True healing
can’t be hacked.

You need time and support to drop the quick fixes and learn a sustainable, healthy approach that takes your whole messy & wonderful life into account, week by week, forever.

This is perfect for you if ...

  • You know you need to start eating healthy again but you need a more personalized, customizable meal plan for your food sensitivities, AIP, or allergies.

  • Your motivation to cook has been lower than ever and grocery shopping is feeling like a chore.

  • You often find yourself too rushed or overwhelmed to plan a full week of meals for the whole family, and end up ordering take-out or throwing away unused groceries.

  • You know food is medicine, but you’re not sure where to focus (or even start) when it comes to testing, labs, doctors, or diet.

  • You’re so exhausted that the thought of adding one more thing makes you want to scream (we start with easy, actionable tools for reducing stress and helping your system recover before we even try to add anything else on)

  • You want to save $$$ every month on your grocery bill while still sourcing quality, nourishing foods for you and the family.

  • You’re ready to learn how to eat for your unique body and how to actually maintain your healthy lifestyle beyond another short term diet that just gets you right back where you started.

  • Your lab work isn’t showing the results you’d hoped for, even though you’re trying your best to eat healthy.

  • You had success with a nutrition reset, but slid back into old habits once the program ended.

  • You feel fatigued, sluggish, isolated, or not yourself, are having energy crashes mid-day and cravings you can’t get a handle on – and you’re ready for a group that has your back through it all (and that knows how to overcome it!)

  • You know you need the support of encouraging, accepting women to keep you motivated and accountable, but can’t swing the cost of 1:1 coaching forever.

join a group that gets it

Sis, I know there’s a LOT of confusing information out there, but I promise you with the right guidance and support, it’s absolutely possible to not only heal, but for food to feel fun again.

There will be no more …

No more navigating food sensitivities, digestive issues, and other chronic
symptoms alone, swinging from one elimination diet to the next and missing
your favorite foods.

No more worrying about what to say the 27th time Aunt June loudly says across
the table, “what’s gluten? Here, just try it, you won’t get sick from one bite!”

No more wasted time on the internet trying to figure out who to trust when it
comes to delicious snacks, AIP-safe substitutions, or meal plans that you
actually want to eat (rather than throwing out all the ‘healthy’ leftovers at the
end of the week because you ordered take-out instead.)

This is NOT a diet.
Diets are tools, Nourishing You is a lifestyle.
Let’s do it together.

What if rushing to pull together recipes and figure out complicated substitutions only to end up with a bunch of random meals that your picky family won’t even touch could be a thing of the past?

here is what the #nourishingyou community is cookin’

I know being healhty is not all about weight but I’m super proud of myself for losing 12lbs! I’m on week 5 of the 6 week meal plan. I’ve just continued to follow it since I have it printed out and its all very similar meals. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am not to FINALLY see the scale move but to see my body physically change. For the first time in abotu 7 years I am feeling hopeful and motivated for my journey. I have a totally new mindset and gosh it feels good. Just knowing that what I am doing is working, it’s actually working, is the greatest feeling. The best part is how much I have been enjoying the time cooking and fueling my body. I used to HATE cooking! Mostly because I never knew what to make. Now I am cheffing up stuff I never thought I would before and dancing around my kitchen truly being in the moment. My partner is loving it too! Just feeling super proud of myself and grateful for this community. ♥

You’ll get all of this ...

  • Weekly Meal Plans

    Each week you’ll receive *Paleo-ish* meal plans that take the guesswork out of meal prep, but are flexible enough to pick and choose from…even if you’ve got a family of picky eaters on your hands. These will save you time, money, and energy! And I’ve got you covered with easy food swaps for tricky sensitivities!

  • Complete Client Resource Library

    All my client resource materials, product swaps/lists, handouts to take to your doctor, and more along with coupons to my favorite recommended products. Plus a special product discount.

  • 2 Monthly Coaching Calls

    Each month, we’ll sit down together to dig in. For the first call, it’ll be theme-based where I’ll cover a key health/nutrition topic or challenge so I can share the information you need to break through to your goals. On the second call, it’ll be a LIVE “ask me anything” format (with recordings if you miss ‘em, don’t worry!) to answer any questions that are coming up for you along your journey. We’ll cover topics like motivation, digestion, social pressures, lab tests and doctor’s visits – if it’s on your mind, I gotchu.

  • Private Community App

    Get access to the exclusive Nourishing You Community App – a private space full of honest, inspiring womxn who not only understand what it’s like to live with chronic illness, exhaustion, and frustrating body changes, but who are also committed to thriving through it. Join our encouraging community to get real-time accountability, trade suggestions on self-care practices and product recs, share your Food Blogger Status plate pics, and let your dang hair down because you’re finally in a group who gets it. You’ll have access to direct chat and a member directory (meet up, anyone?).

  • Growth Path (+ workbooks!)

    You’ll be guided through at-your-own-pace curated lessons where you’ll learn to individualize your nutrition and eat for your unique body and lifestyle, reduce your stress, and take action. No more blindly following diet gurus or twisting to fit the suggestions of impatient doctors – get the information, guidance, and support you need to reclaim your life in the way that fits best for you. Plus worksheets and journal prompts to keep you grounded and on track.

and even more - score!

Bonus Expert Interviews + LIVE Cooking Demos

Exclusive only to our intimate Nourishing You community, I’ll be bringing in Functional Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, and movement experts like Dr. Gabrielle Lyon , Dr. Emily Kiberd (founder of Thyroid Strong, the program that teaches you how to workout with Hashimoto’s without burn out, injury, or flare-ups). We’ll also hear from yoga, meditation, and mindset experts like Roxy Sarif (BlackBelt Beauty Podcast Host & Mindset Coach), Erika Bell (Founder of Zestful Movement Yoga) and more! Plus live cooking demos – yum!

Special Member Pricing for 1:1 Coaching

Need additional support? While you’ll already be supported and well-informed inside the membership, some may want more private attention for critical symptoms or struggles. You’ll have access to special members-only nutritional therapy coaching including a personal roadmap with supplements, nutrition, and lifestyle tweaks based on your symptom analysis and regular 1:1 check-ins for accountability and growth towards your health goals. You can book this anytime as a member!


Even without taking into account how much you’ll save on groceries now that
you’ve got a plan (some of our members are saving up to $400 every month!),
if you add up everything above it would be a value of $1,186 per month!

Get access to everything
for just $49/month

“The key, if you want to build habits that
last, is to join a group where the desired
behavior is the normal behavior.”

– James Clear, habit psychology expert

Real talk: I’m so excited to
be able to offer you a way to
work in-depth with me on
your health journey without
the price tag of 1:1 coaching

(easily $8,000/year!),
please don’t pass this up!

Lost two more pounds! Also, I had my thyroid retested and my numbers had a drastic improvement which I attribute partly to medication adjustment and partly to following the meal plan.

My inflammation in my body seems to be coming down! Finally after 6 months!! Loving the meals and all the ladies in the group. 💜�

Members can expect …


Meal Prep on Autopilot

Consistently and joyfully meal prepping and cooking for yourself and loved ones each week giving you time, saving you money, and getting your results with improved health, managing symptoms, more energy, better digestion, less decision fatigue or food fear so you can show up fully energized and present in your life.

courses + coaching

Healthy Habits and Lifestyle on Lock

Confidently advocating for your own health, hiring/firing your health support team (doctors, practitioners, etc.), and knowing the tools to use in support of your chronic conditions while having the support of this community to sustain healthy habits as a lifestyle. No more confusion, overwhelm, de-prioritizing your care, or useless yo-yo diets.


New Friends and Real Support

Normalizing your healthy lifestyle with balance happens when you’re not trying to figure it out all by yourself. Get your questions answered, be seen, and feel heard with group and add-on 1:1 coaching from Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and a community of women just like you to thrive.

Meet Jeanette, a busy working mother
managing her health with nutrition + lifestyle.

Adapt everything we make to
your tastes, ingredient
availability, season,
allergies/sensitivities, and for
any picky eaters in the family.

take a meal plan tour

What’s in the meal plans?

Know exactly what to do each week, from the detailed, $$-saving, get-in-and-out
grocery list to a complete outline for preparing and even storing each meal.

Delicious, healthy recipes that are designed to mix and match throughout the week,
so you can spend less time planning and more time doing the things you love.

Seriously, you’ll spend less than 30 mins. grocery shopping and less than 1.5 hours
prepping all of your food for the entire week! Including dessert!!

We’ve noted which ingredients and meals are Whole30 or AIP.
Everything is covered – just show up and enjoy!

So …. I just finished the lessons in Stage 2- Fuel. Wow! After only one day of being more mindful of the blood sugar roller coaster phenomena, I already feel 1000% better. My energy level has maintained at a good level all day and my sleep has been so restful. I have a big sweet tooth, and my cravings are slowly subsiding. Thanks, Alison Marras. This group is where I need to be!!!

frequently asked questions
  • I’m really busy, will I have to log on at specific times to learn the content?
    Nope! Nourishing You is designed to be simple, approachable, and actionable so you learn everything you need to know without wasting time. Plus, all of the content is made to be flexible and forgiving to your busy schedules - Find it anytime online or on the mobile app - whenever/however is most convenient for you.
  • Are there meal plans?
    Yes! You’ll get weekly meal plans so you always know exactly what to shop for, how to prepare it, and what to combine for every meal. No more searching Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or a handful of different blogs for recipes that might fit your goal and food sensitivities. No more boredom from the same old recipes, no more deprivation from missing your favorites. I’m all about getting you quick, complete, and healthy meal plans that taste really good!
  • I have Hashimoto's / PCOS / Hypothyroidism / MS / IBS / Celiacs, is this right for me?
    Come on in! One of the most unique components to this community is its understanding of chronic illness, mystery symptoms, and autoimmunity. You’ll receive expert guidance on how to approach your doctor with confidence about testing and labs, recipes that are totally customizable to your needs, and a group of women who support each other through their healing with vulnerability, acceptance, and support (and funny gifs, of course.) We’re so happy to have you!
  • What if I need to take a break for a few months?
    You can cancel your month-to-month subscription anytime, no strings attached. But the magic of the membership is that you won’t need to take a break, because it was designed to fit into your life, not the other way around.
  • What if I’m about to go on vacation, should I wait?
    That’s the beauty of this program: it’s designed to work with your real life, including trips, stressful workdays, weeks when the baby won’t sleep... all of it. Plus, the doors won’t open again until next year, and I don’t want you to miss out on these bonuses!
  • I'm working with a functional doctor/practitioner on my gut already, would this still help?
    HECK YES. It would compliment that work because no matter what... you need the foundational changes (as taught inside the membership and workshop) for the day-to-day consistency and lifestyle changes. I work with clients 1:1 as a practitioner as well, and require my clients to learn these strategies. Having the extra support from group coaching calls with me, the amazing community who are all going through similar things, and having easy, delish Paleo/AIP-friendly meal plans gives you more time, energy, and support to get it all done. Consider this a major boost and support to any protocol or work you're doing now.
  • What if I don’t really like to cook?
    It’s true that when we’re ready to heal through food, we’re gonna have to cook. But trust me, you’re in good hands here. The meal plans are designed to make each step as easy and time-saving as possible, from the grocery list (which is made for you each week!) to instructions for prepping your meals up front so you only need to cook a few times a week instead of every day!
  • I’m about to start a Whole30, do these meals work for me?
    Yes! Our “Paleo-ish” meal plans note which meals fit the Whole30 guidelines, as well as how to make each one AIP friendly. PLUS... this will help you with life after your Whole30 with reintroductions and support so you can maximize your hard work. Come join us!
  • I’m AIP / Paleo, will these meals work for me?
    Yes! Our “Paleo-ish” meal plans note which ingredients to substitute (and how) in order to keep each meal AIP-friendly. And when your body is ready, you’ll also get expert guidance on how to transition away from AIP and reintroduce the foods you loved back into your diet (without rebounding symptoms). Using the courses available inside the membership, you'll learn a lot more about how to individualize your diet.
  • I'm not eating AIP/Paleo... is that okay?
    The meal plans are using a Paleo template with easy AIP swaps where needed. By no means do you have to eat a certain way! You can use the recipes to adapt to your own needs and by using the Growth Path trainings and other course material with our support, you will find your bio-individual style of eating. That's our goal for everyone! Diets are simply tools to use as needed.
  • What if I have questions or need more help?
    One of the coolest things about this community is the 24/7 private group where you can pop in with questions ranging from “What are your favorite things to order from Thrive Market?” to “What’s your go-to self-care practices lately?” and even “What would you substitute in this recipe if you’re allergic to almonds?”

    If you have more questions before signing up - just shoot me an email at!
  • What if I need 1:1 support? I'm trying but have a lot of symptoms I just can't seem to crack.
    WELCOME, BOO! We recently introduced 1:1 coaching packages including a Nutritional Therapy Symptom Analysis, Food Journal Review, and more, in order to create your in-depth bio-individual nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle roadmap. We'll check-in with you monthly for either 3 or 6-months (whichever package you select) to help move you along for transformative progress. This is for MEMBERS ONLY and is available to you anytime to explore and book once you're inside.
  • How would I cancel my monthly or annual membership?
    You can cancel your future monthly or annual membership anytime in your account settings or just shoot me an email at!

    Monthly bills happen each month from the day you start and Annual bills would occur 1-yr from your original bill date. If you cancel, any future payments will be stopped.

I’m your Nutrition Coach, Alison Marras, and have been successfully managing my health for a decade, through nutrition and lifestyle. And now, I support women like you do the same. I’d love to support you. Join us!

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More praise for Nourishing You ...

  • This is exactly what I needed. I have done a whole 30 several times and always feel good but get bored with the food and lose the good results. I love having a Paleo meal plan where I’m learning how to cook different food to keep it interesting.

  • I’d purchased Alison’s mindful meals fall/winter version, did a group coaching program with another nutritionist offered on zoom that covered a lot of emotional behavior and awareness surrounding eating, and I’ve put more focus on following healthy food social media for inspiration. All have been really helpful. The NY membership has been amazing for me! I love the weekly meal plans!!!! The amount of meals provided is just right. Gives me room to use leftovers and go off the meal plan for a dinner out or just throw something together in a hurry with extra food that needs to be used before the next shop. The recipes work really well and are truly delicious. Many flavor profiles that I have not worked with before and that I probably wouldn’t seek out on my own. The desserts are delicious. It has really brought back inspiration in the kitchen that I had lost. I’m not just following the program I’m actually learning how to meal plan and prep for the week. I haven’t seen any other programs broken down weekly like NY. For me this is key. Deciding what ingredients to buy and what meals to cook to keep it healthy and interesting for me and my husband had turned into a very stressful thing. Now I’m excited about it! I just love the NY membership so so much. Brilliant! Thank you!!!

  • I don’t have to think about meals anymore! And all the meals are super easy to make. I have much more time in my evenings now. Plus, I’m really feeling a difference in how I feel and learning how my body reacts to things.

  • I am less worried about and concerned about food so I am able to pay more attention to everything else going on in my life and live. Meal prep has been so quick and manageable for my busy schedule so I feel able to more each week. Thanks!!

  • Nourishing You is giving me a community to connect with on a human, female, personal level with common interest, goals, and passion for taking great care of our bodies, our nutrition, our relationship with food, and self-care. Well, I meal prep now on Sundays which sets me up for success all week so that has been a significant change to my day and each day. I look forward to and savor my meals, especially breakfast and dinner now. In addition, each day I look forward to what my Nourishing You friends might post in our FB page; I look forward to Alison’s emails and words and mantras which offer me daily inspiration. Joining Nourishing You has been a life saver for my physical and mental health, especially during this time of COVID-19

  • Nourishing You is giving me a community to connect with on a human, female, personal level with common interest, goals, and passion for taking great care of our bodies, our nutrition, our relationship with food, and self-care. Well, I meal prep now on Sundays which sets me up for success all week so that has been a significant change to my day and each day. I look forward to and savor my meals, especially breakfast and dinner now. In addition, each day I look forward to what my Nourishing You friends might post in our FB page; I look forward to Alison’s emails and words and mantras which offer me daily inspiration. Joining Nourishing You has been a life saver for my physical and mental health, especially during this time of COVID-19

If you get inside and feel it’s not for you,
cancel your membership at any time.

No, seriously. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Nourishing You
membership for whatever reason, we’ve got your back. You can easily cancel
and stop your membership at any time. This is our risk-free guarantee.