How To Make The Best Refreshing Iced Matcha

A refreshing, mineral- and collagen-rich iced matcha using my secret weapon: coconut water!

This will give you a boost of energy from the electrolytes and matcha, with a little dose of beauty from the collagen powder. This drink is Paleo and AIP-friendly, too.

– Coconut Water – Filtered Water – Ceremonial Grade Matcha Powder – Collagen  Powder – Ice Cubes


To a 12 oz. glass, add coconut water, filtered water, and matcha.


Before adding the collagen, have your frother ready to go (or use a blender), and add the collagen.


Blend immediately and until slightly frothy and well combined (so the collagen doesn’t get sticky/clumpy).


Add ice cubes and a straw, enjoy!


Get the  recipe here!

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