Dijon Fingerling Potato Salad

The mustard found it’s way into my potato salad… And I’m in love with the flavor!

"This looks so delicious! I just love potato salad but have never thought to make it with fingerlings. I’m going to have to try this one, thanks for sharing." EMILY

– fingerling potatoes – dijon mustard – vegenaise or mayonaise – garlic  – carrot


Prep potatoes by washing the skin and chopping into bite sized pieces, add to a pot and cover with water. Heat over the stovetop (uncovered) until boiling.


Meanwhile, add the mustard, veganaise, minced garlic and grated carrot to a large bowl. Lightly mix with a fork until the dressing comes together.


Once potatoes are boiling, stick them with a fork – once tender (but not falling apart), remove from heat and strain in a colander. Let sit until potatoes are warm to the touch.


Add potatoes to the large bowl over the dressing and mix with a rubber spatula until potatoes are coated.


Add salt, pepper and greens for garnish. Stir once more and serve!


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