6 Gluten-Free Flours For Allergen-Friendly Baking

Having a gluten allergy or sensitivity on top of other aversions can be a real struggle.

Here’s a guide of my trusted allergen-friendly gluten-free flours that include nut-free, coconut-free, grain-free options that work well on a Paleo or AIP diet! I’ll share my favorite brands and recipes to try, too.

Cassava Flour


Also known as yuca, cassava is a tuber that’s in the same plant family as taro, yams, and potatoes.

Tigernut Flour


Tigernuts are root vegetables (aka tubers; not nuts) grown in Northern Africa and the Mediterranean. They are roasted and processed into a fine powder to make tigernut flour.

Coconut Flour


Coconut flour is an increasingly popular wheat flour alternative because it’s low in carbohydrates but high in protein and healthy fiber.

Arrowroot Flour


Arrowroot powder is made by extracting the starches from the tubers of the arrowroot plant, and then grinding them up into a fine powder.

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