Sautéed Lemon-Garlic Chicken Liver & Onions

Pasture-raised chicken livers are a superfood packed full of vitamins and minerals. Sautéed with garlic, onions, lemon juice, and more, this chicken liver recipe will turn anyone into a beLIVER!

"I have literally never found a liver recipe that I actually liked until now! This was so delicious, turned out great, and was easy to make too!"


– 3 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil – 1/4 yellow onion chopped small – 1 small head of garlic 5-8 cloves, sliced thinly – 1 lb. chicken livers deveined and rinsed


Heat olive oil in a medium-sized skillet (ensure it’s enough to coat your skillet) over medium heat.


Once shimmering, add onions and garlic to oil and saute for 2-3 minutes to soften.


Add liver, salt, oregano, garlic powder, cook until golden on all sides (approx. 5 minutes).


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