Game-Changing Tigernut Milk

This easy AIP-friendly milk is nut-free and delicious, more tasty than almond and oat milk

This easy 3-ingredient tigernut milk is way tastier than any dairy-free milk in my opinion… it’s nut-free, AIP-friendly, and basically doubles as v

– 1 cup tigernuts – 4 cups filtered water, divided – 2 cups Harmless Harvest Coconut Water


Soak 1 cups tigernuts in 2 cups filtered water and store In the fridge overnight or 24 hours to soften


Drain tigernuts and discard water.


Add tigernuts to Nutramilk or blender and blend for approx. 8 minutes until it looks like a flour or "nut butter" If using the Nutramilk use the "butter" setting.


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