8+ Healthy Caffeine-Free Drinks

This collection of 8+ caffeine-free drinks with delicious, healthy, and energizing recipes as a coffee alternative or change of pace to sugarladen cafe drinks!

They’re dairy- and gluten-free with Paleo, Whole30, and AIP options. Cheers!

Caffeine-Free Cinnamon Coconut Milk Tea Latte


The only thing better than a home-brewed cinnamon tea recipe is upgrading it to a coconut milk latte.

Caffeine-free Chai Spiced Chaga Latte (Paleo)


Skip the jitters and upgrade your morning drink to include medicinal mushrooms with this Chai Spiced Chaga Mushroom Latte which is caffeine-free and dairy-free.

Cinnamon Vanilla Cordyceps Mushroom Latte (caffeine-free)


Give my Cinnamon Vanilla Cordyceps Latte recipe a try and start your day with mushrooms!

Slow Cooker Bone Broth


This gut-healing, protein rich broth is easy to customiize and make in your Slow Cooker!

Low Sugar Mint Chocolate Smoothie


Using my anti-bloat low sugar smoothie template, this is one of my favorite smoothies to start the day off energized, satiated, and ready to go.

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