5 Ways To Get More Bone Broth In Your Diet

Ideally, 1-2 cups of bone broth per day are amazing for healing the gut. But, any little bit you get is going to be great for you.

Drinking it alone or loaded with toppings like ghee, spices, or avocado is a favorite for sure and always a great go-to. Here are some more ideas!

As a cooking liquid.


Use it to sauté your greens, pour it in ground meat hash, throw it at the bottom of your whole turkey or chicken… and whatever else you can dream up.

In your smoothie!


Using 3/4-1 cup or so of bone broth (frozen or fresh) is a great way to use up bone broth. You can even freeze it as ice cubes if you’d like.

In soup, of course.


Use bone broth as your stock or water ALWAYS! Not only is it a no-brainer, but honestly, it will taste way more flavorful too.

In dips, sauces, and gravy.


The rule still applies… you have liquid in a recipe, try it with bone broth. Try my mushroom gravy with bone broth for a richer, nutrient-dense situation.

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