Paleo Dirty Pumpkin & Sage Risotto

This dreamy and creamy dish has no dairy or grains but will fool anyone!

The added ground meat makes this a "dirty" risotto for a well-balanced meal.

– Cooking Fat – Ground Meat – Cinnamon – Clove – Sea Salt – Shallot – Cauliflower Riced – Sage Leaves – Pumpkin Puree – Bone Broth – Coconut Milk


Season the meat with cinnamon, clove powder and sea salt to taste.


Prep veggies by chopping the head of cauliflower, and placing florets into a food processor. Pulse until you have the "rice" and set aside.


Chop your shallots and get the ingredients out and ready for easy cooking.


Heat a deep skillet over medium, add the cooking fat and swirl around to coat the pan.


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