Irish Lamb Stew

This traditional Irish Stew combined with savory soda bread biscuits is on my table this year for St. Patrick’s Day. 

Simple, fresh ingredients transform into a mouthwatering stew in no time at all.

– 1.5 pounds lamb shoulder cut in 2-inch chunks, excess fat removed – sea salt and black pepper to taste  – 2 Tbsp ghee or extra virgin olive oil – 1 large yellow onion cut in wedges


– 3 medium carrots cut into 3-inch slices – 2 cups low sodium vegetable chicken or beef broth (or water) – 3 large sprigs fresh thyme – 2 large yukon or red potatoes OR turnips/rutabagas for AIP

Clean meat by chopping off excess fat as best you can, cut into 2-inch chunks and season with salt and pepper.


On a separate cutting board, chop all vegetables.


To the Instant Pot, add ghee or oil on the "Sauté" mode. Once the ghee/oil is sizzling, add the seasoned meat and brown for 5-8 minutes.


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