Best Greek Lemon Potatoes

These Greek Lemon Potatoes are made with simple ingredients and are roasted to perfection.

Once you see how easy and flavorful they are, you’ll love to make them regularly as a go-to side dish! They're Whole30-friendly and Vegetarian.

– Yukon Gold – Lemons Juiced – Olive Oil – Water – Sea Salt – Black Pepper – Oregano – Turmeric


Pre-heat oven to 425f degrees. Scrub and peel potatoes well, and rinse under running water.


Slice into 1 1/2-inch thick wedges, try to keep them all similar thickness/size so they cook evenly.


Add sliced potatoes to a large glass baking dish or a casserole dish will do. Make sure the potatoes fit in a single layer.


Add over top: water, lemon juice, olive oil and all seasonings. Mix together with a wooden spoon or hands to make sure potatoes are evenly coated.


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