Best Homemade Gluten-Free Buckwheat Flour Bread

This recipe for gluten-free buckwheat bread is also egg free. Crusty on the outsideand soft on the inside, it’s heavenly!

– Chia Seeds Ground – Water – Buckwheat Flour – Water – Avocado Oil – Dried Yeast – Unrefined Sugar – Salt – Apple Cider Vinegar – Chia Eggs


Add yeast and sugar into the lukewarm water. Mix well and leave for the yeast to activate.

Next, make the chia eggs by mixing ground chia seeds and water in a bowl, let sit until it gels.

Add oil into the chia eggs and whisk. In one bowl, add the flour and sea salt. Add chia-oil mixture into the bowl of flour and stir. Then, mix in the vinegar and yeast mix.

Pour or spoon the batter into the loaf pan evenly.

Bake until there is a firm crust exterior.

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