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The 6-week done-for-you Paleo, AIP-friendly Meal Plan + Prep Guide. So you can beat bloat, boost energy, and save time and money.

  • Is it for you?

    You know that when you eat well, you feel well. But it’s hard to keep consistent and inspired in the kitchen.

  • You want to do all of this while learning to work smarter, not harder so you can stay consistent and make it a lifestyle.
  • You’re so ready to see real results with your digestion (#bloatlife), hormone health, metabolism, and more.
  • You’re ready to take back control and enjoy food again while supporting your health!
  • You’re tired of food fear, emotional eating from too much restriction, chronic bloat, stomach issues, and overwhelming nutrition advice… #overit. You have a life to live.
  • You have certain dietary restrictions (like gluten, dairy, etc.) and feel good eating Paleo, AIP* (any stage), or simply know you feel better eating anti-inflammatory foods and just need more inspiration and tools to stick with it.
  • You’re busy and need to maximize your time. You need a done-for-you, structured plan by a nutritionist to take the guesswork and stress out cooking.
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What’s included?

  • 6-weeks of done-for-you Meal Plans & Grocery Lists to save you time and effort.
  • Pantry Guide, Shortcuts, and Favorite, Affordable Kitchen Tools so you can work smarter, not harder in the kitchen.
  • Weekly Mindful Eating Tips to try! This is a game-changer to supporting healthier digestion and your relationship with food.
  • 6-weeks of Step-by-Step, Time-saving Meal Prep Guides to get your prep on autopilot.
  • 50+ Delicious, Seasonal, Paleo-style, Anti-inflammatory (+Whole30 and AIP-friendly*) Recipes everyone will love.
  • Common Food Substitutions Guide to whip up any recipe with ingredients you have on hand.
*bonus + you’ll get access to my resources vault :
  • The Time-Saving Meal Prep Guide

    Simple hacks and tips to maximize your time, but have grab-and-go snacks and meals ready all week to make your decisions easier.
  • Food Sourcing Guide

    Grass-fed, Organic, Pastured. I explain what the heck to buy and where you can buy it without spending a small fortune.
  • Traveling & Dining Out Guide

    There are many ways to prepare and enjoy yourself no matter your restrictions when traveling or dining out.
  • Food & Mood Journal Print-out

    to track how you're feeling which is a huge part of mindful eating!
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Mindful Meals was designed to get your gut glowing, overcome bloat, fatigue, and low energy...while you just cook and eat quick, tasty meals.

frequently asked questions
  • What if it doesn’t work for me? I’m really busy and struggle to find time.
    You are preaching to the choir!! I literally had someone in one of my recent coaching groups who has 3-year old twins and is a VP at a top company here in NYC who travels monthly. She not only made the time to grocery shop and cook using my meal plans, but was able to get it done in less time than her normal scrambling/scrounging for food and ordering out which left her tired and sick half the week. Not to mention, even more stressed.

    I’m not saying finding the time amidst a busy schedule is always easy, but I’m saying, if you can follow a plan and carve out some time in your week to stick to it... you'll be much better off than flying blind and unorganized. And no matter what, energy goes where intention flows so use that calendar and make it happen!

    If you can do a little shopping up front with the Pantry guide and use my time-saving meal prep tips... you'll have even more advantages. I get the "busy" question all the time, because all my clients are hard-working, busy babes!

    P.S. I made this meal plan as a NEW MAMA with an infant. These are some of the quickest and easiest recipes I've ever made... sacrificing none of the flavor.
  • Will I lose weight?
    Possibly! Everyone’s results will vary, everyone’s body needs and wants different things. I've designed the recipes and meal plans to be anti-inflammatory and support many allergens/food sensitivities... when we eat this way, our body can work optimally and we can see and feel incredible! That is my desire for anyone following this.
  • Can I do this while on a Whole30?
    Yes! Just skip the desserts and few "SWYPO" foods included and you'll be all set.
  • Are the calories and macros included?
    No. While i know that has a time and a place, I took care of putting that together for you and in true "mindful eating" form, would like you to try eating more intuitively for your body. A common complaint I get with those who are diet fatigued is that they are tired of weighing their food and feel if they don't, they'll over-eat. You are free to count it up in a MyFitnessPal type of app if you absolutely need to, but if you want to try another way... simply eat slowly and mindfully using my recipes and meal plan as a starting point - then listen to your body and take it from there. If you need more avocado or dressing, or protein... add it! You know your body best, not me, not math, everyone is different.
  • I'm new to AIP and want to try the diet, is this for me?
    You are welcome to newly try AIP using this meal plan, however, please always be clear on what constitutes AIP ingredients or not based on your current elimination phase. Omissions and substitutions will be noted for you otherwise, but this is not a strict AIP meal plan or intended to be. It's intended to be more flexible so you can use it at any point in your journey!
  • How much time does the meal prep take?
    Weekend meal prep takes anywhere between 1-2 hours and then you'll have a couple of nights with 30-40 minute meals. The idea is to cook once, eat twice (or more). This way, you always have some fresh leftovers to use and can break it up instead of spending 3-4 hours all on one day.
  • I'm on Low FODMAP and don't eat cauliflower or broccoli right now, can I still benefit from the recipes?
    For any elimination diets, they're temporary. So while you might have to sub those veggies initially (likely with a sautéed spinach or carrots for example which you are free to do), whenever you reintroduce them after going through your healing... you can come back to these recipes and enjoy them in a new way. Use this as a template and make the subs you need to feel your best. Also, by eating mindfully and using the food/mood print-out you'll be able to track what foods are doing well for you or bothering you!
  • Will the ingredients be easy to find? Sometimes healthy = unattainable (or too expensive) for me.
    Here’s what can be really beautiful and easy about healthy food… if you’re sticking to seasonal whole foods, you’re automatically not looking for some boojie brand that your local grocery store doesn’t carry. That’s first. And none of the produce or protein I’m including here, would I consider to fancy or irreplaceable like chicken, shrimp, and ground meat.

    Second, if the food is overly expensive and unattainable… then you’re not going to stick to it of course. In my pantry guide, I’m guiding you on what to have on hand and what to look for complete with links to both Amazon and Thrive Market which are my go-to’s for saving money while finding brands I can trust.
  • Can’t I just use the recipes on your site to make my own plan?
    Yes and no! While I have a lot of great recipes on my blog, they’re not specifically planned out and organized to support you in a daily/weekly format. While I don’t include macros or calories in the meal plan because I don’t think it’s helpful to eat mindfully and after massive diet fatigue, I’ve done all that math FOR YOU in this plan.

    I know best practices for eating to lower inflammation, support smoother digestion, more stable blood sugar, and healthier hormones and metabolism. So the guesswork has been taken out, while you can still enjoy delicious Food by Mars' recipes that are paleo, AIP and Whole30-friendly nonetheless! PLUS the majority of these recipes are not anywhere else, they’re exclusive to the plan.
  • I don't eat pork or seafood, can I still make these meals?
    I have included some pork and fish dishes, but it's in the minority. You are free to substitute or use another meal instead! You can view the recipes in the image carousel above to take a peek. And feel free to hit me up on Instagram DM for any substitute questions - I've got your back!
  • I have travel and events planned and really want to enjoy myself... but also am scared because I don't want to get sick or get off track...
    You should absolutely travel, stick to your plans and have fun! This meal plan will not inhibit that, it's not a formal diet, but it is a plan to help you with inflammation and get your health supported.

    If you can follow it when you're home most of the time, that's what will build those sustainable healthy habits that keep you consistent and successful! The key is progress, not perfection. No points taken away for a couple of nights out or a vacation... I designed this in mind to keep you balanced. This is why I include healthier-for-you desserts and snacks, and also have a bonus Travel and Dining Out guide reference so you can have all the tools you need!

    It's true that too much drinking alcohol, caffeine, and sweets will likely make you feel sick. So I would keep it to a minimum as best you can, enjoy EVERYTHING mindfully, slowly, intentionally to really make the most out of it because #balance.

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*As noted, this is AIP-friendly, not strict AIP. Omissions and substitutions will be noted, however please double-check based on your tolerances and phase if currently on AIP. AIP is a temporary elimination diet that should include reintroductions, you have options on this meal plan for any stage you might be in. **I love and respect my community and request that you please be respectful to my business by not sharing your digital copies with others in any form or outsourcing unauthorized copies to be printed.

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